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A Guide For Finding Best-Suited Jewellery With Useful Tips

  1. When The Sparkle Is Everything: Go For Lab Diamonds

    We always want to give the best gift to our loved ones. Diamonds are the best option if you want to give them, which can last for an eternity. So, if there is a special occasion like the birthday or anniversary of your beloved coming up, and you are determined to gift them something special, lab diamond bracelets should be your top gifting choice.

    Why Lab Diamonds?

    If you are a little skeptical about the lab diamonds, let us tell you a thing or two.

    There is basically no chemical or structural difference between lab diamonds and the diamonds dug out from the earth. 

    The price of a lab diamond can be just a fraction of a mined dia

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  2. 5 Splendid Diamond Jewellery Gift Ideas For Your Sister

    You may feel like killing each other at times. But it is these sisters that will always have our back. They are your teacher, best friend, and confidant. Also, they are one of the hardest people to find gifts for when it comes to birthdays or special occasions. 
    But you can’t go wrong with gifting the special female figures in your life with diamond jewellery. Unlike clothes, shoes, or tech gifts, diamonds are something your sister can cherish forever. Here are more reasons why you should consider buying the best diamond jewellery online in Dubai for your sister. 
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  3. All That You Wanted To Know About Custom Engagement Rings

    Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a big decision, whether you've been dating your significant other for years or just a few months.

    After all, diamond engagement rings are a significant financial commitment, and she will be wearing them for the rest of her life. Aside from the money you can afford to spend on a ring, the most crucial factors are choosing the appropriate style and whether you want to create the ring by yourself. We'll discuss all you’ve wanted to know about custom engagement rings

    What are custom engagement rings?

    A custom engagement

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  4. Top 6 Trendiest Anniversary Ring Styles You Must Try

    Diamond rings have always been the shortcut to a girl’s heart. At Dasani Connoisseur, we have the perfect collection of anniversary rings for our clients. Every single ring of ours is a beautifully crafted work of art that will make your loved one’s heart melt. Buy diamond rings online in Dubai from us and compel your lady to fall in love with you once again!

    Check out these 6 trendiest diamond anniversary rings that our clients love!

    6 Most Loved Anniversary Rings Style

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  5. What’s The Purpose Of Promised Bracelets?

    Jewellery is much more than just a statement or fashion choice. It has been commemorating cherished moments of people’s lives for centuries acting as a symbol of love and bond. When it comes to special occasions, the most typical jewellery would be a diamond ring. But other ornaments also serve a similar purpose too.

    If you’re looking for a different option than a typical diamond ring, Promise bracelets are a deal maker. Not restricted to that only., At Dasani, you will find the most gorgeous diamond bracelet for women suiting your individual taste and needs.

    How Is A Promise Bracelet Different From A Promise Ring?

    Our promise ring is

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  6. How To Pick The Perfectly Dazzling Nose Pin For You?

    A diamond nose pin is a popular yet underrated jewellery pick that can add stunning glam to every outfit. If you wish to buy the best jewellery in Dubai for the voguish diamond nose pin, go ahead. The markets are filled with a plethora of options that you can choose from. But there is a catch to picking the right nose pin.

    Finding the perfect nose pin is not the easiest task, especially if you’re a newbie. Also, picking up the wrong nose pins can pull down your overall look. This is why you have to consider many factors before finalizing your nose pin. Take a glance at the factors!

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  7. Plan Some Sparkly Anniversary Gifts for Her

    Diamond jewellery is a gorgeous, standard gift that can be matched in any color of precious metal. Look through various options below to get a sense of the best anniversary gifts for her

    Pick what feels right and symbolizes your love.

    Diamond jewellery gifts for wife

    Diamond jewellery is any woman’s best friend and as much as she adores a bunch of red roses she would be surprised with a stunning piece of diamond jewellery gift. Get an anniversary gift for wife and celebrate the memories you have spent together.

    Today, we shall see throug

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  8. What Are Colored Diamonds & Why Are They So Rare?

    Anytime we hear the word "diamond," the first thing we envision is a lustrous, brilliant bright white stone. But these days, these stones are not restricted to white colors only - now you have colored diamonds.

    The classic jewelry items are available in cherry red, mint green, bubblegum pink, lemon yellow, pumpkin orange, glacier blue, and even violet purple. These dynamic colors are only a few of the many diamonds naturally transformed into.

    If you are considering to buy diamond & gold jewellry online - it's better to start with all the information at hand. And to help you make better decisions, Dasani Connoisseur has laid down details on these fancy

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  9. How To Match Your Diamond Jewellery For Every Occasion?

    You wouldn’t go to a funeral in a party dress, would you? Then why would you do that with diamond jewellery?

    Every occasion requires a standard form of dressing, including jewellery too. It’s not enough to buy the best diamond jewellery online in Dubai and wear it everywhere - expecting it to make you look magnificent. You must put in the jewellery according to the event and let it work its shining charm. 

    If you need some training on wearing diamond jewellery as per the occasion, keep scrolling.

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  10. Instantly Transform Any Basic Outfit With Rich Diamond Jewellery

    Diamond gem earrings, engagement rings, diamond gemstone pendants, promise rings or unique diamond rings, and to count on. Jewellery is the most precious beautifying ornament for any woman. Dasani Connoisseur has the most extensive scope of diamond Jewellery collections for women of all styles.

    Let it be any occasion, buy best jewellery in Dubai that always makes you be noticeable. You can’t wear a single style of jewellery in all places you go. Different events demand different styles of Jewellery. Be it shiny earrings, vibrant cocktail rings or a stunning set of necklaces, all that catches the eye is good for any occasion. 

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