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A Guide For Finding Best-Suited Jewellery With Useful Tips

  1. Where Can I Get the Best Diamond Necklace Online?

    Diamond necklace is no small purchase - and you know that! Losing your peace over buying diamonds online doesn’t worth a bit! 

    Whether you prefer purchasing diamonds online or directly from a store - you deserve 100% security, both in terms of high value and personal significance. 

    Thankfully, reputed jewellery retailers like Dassani have made the online diamond necklace shopping experience - a safe and streamlined process. Our site offers detailed information about your diamond (the stones and materials it comes from ) along with comprehensive valuation reports. You also get free shopping consultations over the phone and videos from the comfort of your home.

    Not to beat our own drums, but our exquisite collection of diamond necklaces is unique, upbeat, and a

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  2. Most Popular Diamond Earrings Style

    If truth be told, finding the perfect pair of diamond earrings that matches your fashion aesthetics and lifestyle - is no joke, especially when you have a sea of styles glistening in front of your eyes.  

    How do you really narrow down your search to a single pair of earrings?

    A simple way to do it is: By knowing the most popular diamond earring styles - and choosing your favorite pair from among these trending lists. Join Dassani to find out the top earring styles trending

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  3. 10 Eccentuating Ways To Style Your Diamond Necklace

    Add Effortless Dazzle To Every Look


    Keeping your diamond necklace hidden away in a storage box only for special occasions is so 2020. 2022 is all about being bold and stylish - and we absolutely support that diamond necklaces  should be worn everywhere. Styled up for the most casual looks as well as for elegant evening affairs. 

    Dasani’s newest diamond necklace collection is designed to make styling everyday diamonds easier and chicer than ever. Keep reading to know the 10 trendiest ways to wear our gorgeous diamond necklace anywhere.

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  4. Diamond Rings: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

    Finally, you’ve made the decision to shop for your very first diamond ring! Congratulations!

    Buying your first diamond ring is quite an exciting time. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun and frolic.

    But remember – diamond rings are a huge expense. So, you want to make sure you are doing the purchase correctly.

    Whether you will be heading out to the shop solo or scouting out your friends, read this comprehensive guide once. Here is every key essential tip to find your perfect diamond ring.

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  5. Do you know the Perfect Size for Diamond Stud Earrings?

    Shopping for a perfect pair of diamond studs is surely exciting!  But through this entire diamond earrings shopping experience, there one element that can catch you completely offgurad - choosing the right diamond stud size. 

    Frankly, finding the ideal-sized pair of diamond studs can be quite tricky! 

    Well, the good news is our expert jewellers can totally help you find the right stud size for your diamond earrings. Check out everything you need to know be

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  6. Everything you must know about Diamond Earrings

    Planning to buy a beautiful pair of diamond earrings but confused where to start? Dasani Connoisseur have you covered!

    Take your time to read our diamond earrings guide till the end then - and by the time you reach the end, you’ll be a pro at diamond earrings - and can even lend some knowledge to your friends (when going diamond  shopping!)

    We will approach this blog in a question and answer format - which will make it easy  for you to grasp the required informati

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  7. Can I Wear my Favorite Diamond Earrings Every Day?

    So you bought your favorite piece of diamond jewellery. A stunning pair of diamond earrings may probably have cost you an arm and a leg. But should you wear it daily?

    This fear is totally understandable. You may be afraid that the earrings may lose their shine or chip. Or the gold they are attached to may oxidize or lose its color. 

    Well, we have some good news for you: diamonds are one of the hardest substances on Earth. They are nearly impossible to destroy or damage during your everyday activities. This

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  8. Tips for Buying the perfect Diamond Earrings for your Upcoming Occasion

    What makes diamond earrings the most desirable item in your jewellery box? Obviously, the sparkle, duh! Even a simple pair of diamond earrings can effortlessly light up your face with sparkle, glamour and classiness (every women’s dream)!

    Digging deep, diamond earrings first  became popular in the 19th century and is still going trendy today. Whether you style it with a casual outfit or a stunning couture gown -  diamond earrings are the cornerstone of every woman’s jewellery wardrobe. 

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  9. Is It Safe To Buy Diamond Rings Online?

    Online shopping is that godsend boon responsible for all our impulse purchases. The last best-selling sunscreen plus one free skin moisturizer? YES, Please!

    But that impulsive attitude doesn’t work everywhere. Especially when it comes to buying diamond rings (or any fine jewellery for that matter). 

    When it comes to diamond rings, the rules of online shopping get a bit different. You can’t just scroll, add to your cart, and enter your credit card info at checkout.

    A diamond ring is a sentimental piece and a sizeable monetary purchase. So, you have to make double sure you are getting exactly what you pay for. 

    Here are some thoughts about buying

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  10. Classic and Feminine: Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    Collecting fine jewellery is a passion that lasts a lifetime. Whether you have been at it for decades or shopping for your very first piece, or maybe somewhere in between - a few items will always hold a special place in your heart and never go out of style. 

    The chic, feminine tennis bracelet is one of those items. If truth be told, this classic, feminine jewellery deserves a place in every woman’s jewellery box.

    Simple, elegant, timeless - these words correctly describe tennis bracelets. Wear it alone or stack it up between other jewels, this versatile piece will add the perfect bling to any look.  

    After knowing about the beauty and elegance of tennis bracelet

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