Tennis bracelets are ideal for somebody looking for a glossy, graceful piece of jewelry to decorate a tennis bracelet on wrist. It is a bracelet with a precious circle of diamonds. The diamonds are connected together and protected by prongs. They feature loads of diamonds all the way everywhere in the bracelet. Tennis bracelets can be designed with other precious gemstones together with diamonds, such as sapphires, rubies, or emeralds.

Be it a casual or formal occasion, a tennis bracelet with diamonds will definitely make you sparkle readily. The Diamond tennis bracelet is proficiently crafted only by skilled artisans.

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Here are a few ways to take on the tennis bracelet style…

1. Grace it with a fashionable watch

Tennis bracelets are beautiful on their own. But if you want to showcase your fashion power, try a bracelet to wear with watch. Wear bracelets with watches ranging from the stylish designer athletic, plastic, digital types.

2. Outfit for casual looks

You don’t have to decorate to sparkle. Try bracelets for daily wear by pairing jeans and casual tops for a hint of glamour.

3. Stacking style

You can choose to wear multiple tennis bracelets and simply stack them. Particularly for trendy occasions, stacked tennis bracelets can attract the most attention. Just combine tennis bracelets in different colors. The combination of a white gold bracelet, a yellow gold bracelet and a rose gold one looks fabulous. Wear them separately but it is a great idea to accessorize bracelets. The possibilities for a diamond bracelet for her are endless.

4. Bridal beauty

When it comes to bridal beauty, a tennis bracelet for her is an essential piece of jewellery. The sleek and chic style matches wedding dresses gorgeously, accessorize tennis bracelet on the bride herself, or as a gift to her flower girl to wear to make the day extra special.

5. Symbol of ultimate luxury

What’s even more glamorous than wearing a sparkling diamond tennis bracelet with watch! Wear it with a stunning Swiss timepiece or any other branded watch.

How to pick an accurate tennis bracelet?

Consider the color of the precious metal ranging from yellow, rose and white gold and platinum- you are given the choice to select your favourite. Conversely, depending on how regularly you are wearing a bracelet, it will affect the karat of metal you selected. For wearing tennis bracelet everyday, 14K and 18K gold and platinum are sturdy enough. If planning to wear the bracelet occasionally, you can go for a lower karat.

Security Features

Flexibility and the safety of the prongs and a security clasp make tennis bracelets stick with you for a lifetime.

  • Check the safety latch! The clasp may differ from one style to another and customers should opt for tennis bracelets that include a supplementary security aspect whenever possible. An additional chain safety latch holds the diamond tennis bracelet unharmed even if the main clasp is broken. It will prove to be helpful.
  • Most of the time, tennis bracelets are easily adjusted by removing a link to cut short the chain. The links are what hold the diamonds in place and the bracelet from breaking away from each other.
  • Flexibility is an important aspect when it comes to tennis bracelets. At times, if the bracelet is too rigid it may easily break whenever you turn your wrist. To test the flexibility, suspend your bracelet and check if it hangs straight in the air without kinking. The flexible row chain holds the set of brilliant round diamonds in the bracelet perfectly to decorate your wrist with elegant sparkle.

How should a bracelet fit right?

  • As there are no certifications for most of the diamond tennis bracelets, always buy tennis bracelets in Dubai tennis bracelets from a carefully vetted, trustworthy vendor. Dasani Connoisseur collections range from a variety of diamond bracelets to buying them online or in-store.
  • A perfect tennis bracelet should move slightly on your wrist, and your two fingers should slide between the bracelet and the wrist.
  • Always understand the size of your wrist just below the wrist bone when fitting a bracelet. Use a flexible measuring tape, or a strip of paper to point the size with a pencil and then mark it with a ruler.

buy tennis bracelet in dubai

The classic tennis bracelets are made of round, colorless diamonds in an 18 karat white gold or platinum setting. However, over these years, new forms of the tennis bracelet are articulated. Nowadays, we see tennis bracelets of 18 karats rose gold and 18 karats yellow gold.

A tennis diamond bracelet is a piece that should be easy and worry-free to wear whether you’re going hiking, to the opera, a beach, or even to the gym.

So shop now and get yours, because you will love wearing this versatile glitz.