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Customize Your Own Jewellery

Crafting your Vision

We customize the jewellery for you with the ideas that stimulate you or even discuss the images you have in your imagination, we make every effort to get to know you and your visualization. We love being motivated by you and are amazingly gratified when we find new and stimulating techniques to integrate emotional elements into your design. We are not satisfied unless your piece is an echo of your true personality, a piece you can be delighted with and a piece you can relish forever.

We make bespoke jewellery at an affordable cost. At Dasani Connoisseur, your budget is valued as a key part of the designing course, and we will never up-sell you further than your approved budget. We promise to use our treasure of experience and huge diamond catalogue to guide you in the step-by-step procedure of constructing an exquisite piece of jewellery, on time and affordably.

Whatever the event is and all that the idea, we will discuss with you various options and advise you on the best techniques to attain your vision while making sure you have absolute control over your design and budget.

Let us take you through our process of jewellery customization.

Step 1 - Consulting

To get to understand you and your visualization, we will organize a chat with one of our professionals. This can be done over the phone, through video chat and by email. The more detail you can share with us, the better our understanding, but it is absolutely fine if there are specific details initially, we can assist you to explore ideas and perceptions.

Step 2 - Obtaining the Perfect Diamond

No two diamonds are accurately alike. Every diamond has a host of features that can influence the quality. Our diamond specialists are skilled to make sure you are familiar with these qualities and how they sparkle and eventually the price. Once you are content with your own choices we mine our profound worldwide diamond catalogue to recognize the stone that best meets your needs and budget. We get approval for the diamond from you.

Step 3 - Design and Creativity

Once we are all confirmed with our vision, our designers will start the work on developing a computer-generated 3D image or a sketched drawing. At this, your vision is given the shape. With constant communications over the phone, through email, video call, collectively we develop and tweak the design until you are completely pleased.

Step 4 - Moulding and Build

Once you have the approval for the final design, we will shape your exceptional piece of jewellery employing the latest technology and master craftsmanship. We have numerous techniques depending on the difficulty of your design.

Your design is created by our cutting edge CAD system giving the exact picture of your customized jewellery. You think it, we complete it. Craft anything from custom pendants to your dream engagement ring or a necklace or bangle or any jewellery.

Step 5 - Final Unveiling

Once your jewellery has been judiciously polished and undergone rigorous quality assurances, we can organize for the jewellery to be shipped. Your jewellery is shipped on time with all valid certifications.


As each piece is a combined process, and utterly inimitable, and we ship on the said timeline. We would anticipate a standard time from initial consultation to the collection. The crafting process will generally take around 10 working days. On the other hand, we will not begin the crafting procedure until the design is exactly harmonized with your vision.

Customize anything you wish

You can believe that whatever form of fine jewellery setting you pick from diamond earrings or studs, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces or diamond rings, will represent the perfect balance of beauty, brilliance, vigour and alluring glistening.

Our customers are with us for years not only for the finest diamonds available but also for the welcoming, tailored service that creates a gratifying experience.

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