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Choose the right diamond

A diamond is a gesture to the treasurable moments in our lives, an incredible token of someone’s love, a prize for a great achievement and a continuing mark to be cherished and celebrated.

It is no amazement that diamonds have evolved to become the most desirable jewels around the world. Taken together, diamond jewellery has an appeal of its own.

It is, on the other hand, vital to know how to pick the right diamond. This is a crucial step in your jewellery buying procedure. Every diamond, no matter how big or small, has a set of inimitable features that conclude its value.

How comparison for diamonds is done? How can you calculate them? Who will value them? This is precisely the reason why a diamond grading system and methodology was devised.

With the costs of diamonds frequently increasing and some exceeding the price of a small car, every minor change means a lot of money for the customers. To systematize Diamond Grading, the system was created in a standard technique, acceptable in a universal language for everyone around the world being capable of communicating when it comes to designate the quality and characteristics of a diamond- called The 4 Cs of Diamonds.

The diamond's 4 C's are Cut, Carat weight, Colour & Clarity. By means of these four characteristics, you can understand the quality of a diamond and its splendour as well as compare all diamonds in contrast to each other. It helps to assess how successfully a diamond relates with light to form required visual effects such as:

  • Brightness: Internal and external white light mirrored from a diamond
  • Fire: The dusting of white light into all the rainbow colours
  • Glittering: The amount of glitter a diamond flashes, and the design of light and dark zones caused by reflections within the diamond

1. Diamond Cut

A Diamond’s Cut Reflects Its Light

Diamonds are well-known for their knack to carry light and sparkle so strongly. A lot of time we consider of a diamond’s cut as for shape (oval, marquise, pear, round, heart), but a diamond’s cut grade is actually about how well a diamond’s surfaces interact with light. Accurate artistry and craftsmanship are mandatory to mend a stone so its magnitudes, equilibrium and polish to deliver the splendid return of light that is only possible in a diamond.

A diamond’s cut is essential to the stone’s final magnificence and value. And of among all the diamond 4Cs, it is the most intricate and technically difficult to evaluate.

2. Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Carat Weight evaluates a Diamond’s Actual Size

Diamond's carat denotes to its mass. Diamond carat weight is the dimension of how much a diamond weighs. A metric “carat” is mentioned as 200 milligrams. Weight is very significant when it

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