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About us

Our founder Kapil Dasani believes that the women in our life need to be respected, appreciated, loved, and pampered. Being a loving husband and doting father, he understands the world of women and they hold a special place in his heart. Dasani Connoisseur is a tribute to all the wonderful women who shine bright and bring light and happiness to those around them. We carefully select gems and create beautiful, artistic jewellery that is perfect to be carried with grace. Designed with finesse, our Creations helps you make a bold statement. Every piece of jewellery that we design tells a story of love, happiness, and beauty.

With an experience of over 20 years in the precious jewellery industry, we specialize in weaving the poetry of articulate jewellery making. Our passion for jewellery combined with the highest level of customer service and being a personal shopper sets us class apart from all the other jewellers, ensuring we give true meaning to the word Connoisseur. We are comfortably nestled within the affordable luxury segment and create delicate, gorgeous jewellery as we believe in sharing beauty with the world.

At Dasani Connoisseur, we believe in creating everyday luxury so you can feel special all day, every day. We take pride in creating jewellery that women feel confident to wear. We design articulate, classic, eye-catching pieces that win your heart. Focusing on style, quality, and innovation, we ensure to create pieces that add the right touch of elegance for any occasion

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